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Ware Family Dentistry in Vero Beach, Florida

At Ware Family Dentistry, your dentist in Vero Beach, Florida, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive dental care tailored to the unique needs of our community. One of the many services we specialize in is the provision of dental bridges, a time-tested solution for replacing missing teeth. Our dedicated team understands the importance of not only restoring the functionality of your teeth but also ensuring the aesthetics are on point, bringing back your confident smile.


What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are custom-made dental appliances that bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Comprising one or more prosthetic teeth, known as pontics, bridges are anchored onto the adjacent teeth or dental implants, providing a seamless and natural-looking restoration. They are an excellent option for individuals looking to restore their smile, bite, and speech and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of place.


Why Choose Ware Family Dentistry for Your Dental Bridge?

At Ware Family Dentistry, we combine the latest dental technologies with a warm, patient-centered approach, making us the dentist of choice in Vero Beach, Florida. Here are several reasons why our dental bridge services stand out:


  • Personalized Treatment Plans: Understanding that each smile is unique, we offer personalized consultations to devise a treatment plan that meets your needs and preferences.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we ensure precision in creating and fitting your dental bridge, making the process as efficient and comfortable as possible.
  • Expert Team: Our team of dental professionals has extensive experience in restorative dentistry, ensuring that your dental bridge is crafted and placed with the utmost skill and care.
  • Comprehensive Care: Beyond dental bridges, we offer a full range of dental services, making your dentist in Vero Beach, Florida, your one-stop shop for all your dental health needs.
  • Aesthetic Focus: We understand the importance of a beautiful smile. Our dental bridges are designed not only for function but also to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, enhancing your smile aesthetically.


The Process of Getting a Dental Bridge

Getting a dental bridge at Ware Family Dentistry is carried out with your comfort and convenience in mind. Typically, it involves the following steps:


  1. Consultation and Planning: Your journey begins with a thorough consultation, during which we assess your dental health and discuss your treatment goals. This step includes taking impressions and images of your teeth to aid in designing your custom bridge.
  2. Preparation: The teeth on both sides of the gap are prepared to serve as anchors (abutments) for the bridge. This may involve reshaping these teeth to ensure a perfect fit.
  3. Temporary Bridge: A temporary bridge may be placed to protect the prepared teeth and the gap while your permanent bridge is being crafted.
  4. Creating Your Bridge: Utilizing the impressions and images taken during your consultation, a dental lab crafts your custom bridge to our exact specifications.
  5. Fitting and Adjustment: Once your bridge is ready, you’ll return to our office for the fitting. We’ll make any necessary adjustments to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
  6. Follow-up Care: We provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and schedule follow-up visits to monitor your bridge and oral health.


Maintaining Your Dental Bridge

With proper care, dental bridges can last many years. We recommend the following to ensure the longevity of your bridge:


  • Regular Dental Check-ups: Biannual visits to your dentist in Vero Beach, Florida, allow us to monitor the health of your bridge and adjacent teeth.
  • Good Oral Hygiene: Daily brushing, flossing, and using an antiseptic mouthwash help prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease, which can affect the longevity of your bridge.
  • Protecting Your Bridge: Avoid chewing hard foods, ice, or using your teeth as tools to protect your bridge from damage.


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Are you ready to restore your smile with a dental bridge? Contact Ware Family Dentistry in Vero Beach, Florida, today to schedule your consultation. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through every step of the process. Let us help you achieve the beautiful, functional smile you deserve. Visit our dental practice for more information, or call to make an appointment.